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Why won’t my camera run continuously on a laptop without external power?

Applicable Product(s) : All ASI Cameras

Description: When you use ASI camera for the first time, you may bump into some problems, this post will help you get familiar with your camera ASAP.

What should I prepare?

  1. Install ASI Camera drivers :
  2. Install latest capture softwares :


Due to the power saving mode of your laptop (mostly by default option), many laptops allows the USB power to suspend operating when your laptop enters to Low Power Mode. You need to disable power saving option of the USB port:

3For long imaging sessions, it is highly recommended that you disable power management on your computer, or at the very least, change the configuration so it will not make the computer ‘sleep’. Even if you disable the power saving mode of the USB port, many power saving settings still allows the computer to enter into a sleep mode, which will affect your imaging session.



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