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Victor Buso discovered a Supernova with ASI1600MM-C camera

Exciting news for all of us! Amateur astronomer Victor Buso discovered a newly born, normal type IIb supernova (SN 2016gkg) when he was performing test on his new camera-ASI1600MM-C for lucky imaging. And this time was really really lucky!

His discovery, reported Wednesday in the journal Nature, is a landmark for astronomy. Buso’s images are the first to capture the brief “shock breakout” phase of a supernova, when a wave of energy rolls from a star’s core to its exterior just before the star explodes. Computer models had suggested the existence of this phase, but no one had witnessed it. (From Speaking of Science)

d41586-018-02331-4_15480082Astronomer Victor Buso poses in front of the telescope with which he witnessed the birth of the supernova 2016gkg.

Use ASI1600MM-C taking a series of 20-second exposures over 90 minutes, Víctor Buso captured for the first time the rapid increase in brightness that is predicted to occur as the shockwave breaks free.

No doubt that download speed of ASI USB3.0 cooled camera is so fast, giving astronomers a new way to shoot deepsky object – lucky imaging.

1600MM Pro71600Pro

A superimposed series of images show the supernova at south of the host galaxy, NGC 613



Victor Buso proved that our new type of camera has a lot of potential, we will keep working on more powerful CMOS cameras, and we hope you all will make more discoveries in this mysterious galaxy. We all love this beautiful science that we called ‘Astronomy’ 😉


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