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Why does “Unknown device” show in the device manager after connecting the camera?

Applicable Product(s) : For All ASI Cameras

Description: When you use ASI camera for the first time, you may bump into some problems, this post will help you get familiar with your camera ASAP.

What should I prepare?

  1. Install ASI Camera drivers :
  2. Install latest capture softwares :


Because the driver was not installed properly. Try to install the driver again. You may need to stop any anti-virus software to run the installer program.

(NOTE: Make sure you download the driver from the ZWO official web site or from the CD-ROM to prevent any malware problem!)

4Please update the driver manually if re-installation doesn’t work.


Right click the “Unknown device”, choose the “Update Driver Software…”option and choose the driver directory. Normally, the driver directory is under:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ZWO Design\ZWO_USB_Cameras_driver\



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