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Focused in astrophotography.
Self-owned core technologies.
Dedicated customer support and trusted by consumers.
A variety of products to suit your various imaging needs.
Never ceased to improve user experience.
A safe and reliable imaging solution based on hight-tech.
Astrophotography Has Never Been Easier
One-stop solution for your astrophotography journey.
Multi-category Cameras
Multi-platform Software
Intelligent Ecosystem
Self-developed DSO cameras, planetary cameras, and guide cameras to suit your various imaging needs.
Automated astrophotography software runs on macOS/Windows/Linux, with smart app controls in iOS/Android.
An intergrated and intellegent ecosystem to redefine your astrophotography journey.
Rooted in China, Connects to the World
A distribution network spanning Eurasia, North America, and African continents, and an after-sales service center in the U.S., customers around the world.
Customer Story
All ZWO's products are great. I especially like ASIAIR because it makes astrophotography quite easy. I can just control my equipment with my phone without having to bring a computer.
Chien-Yu Chen
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If you have any questions with our product, please don't hesitate to contact us. We strive for excellence in customer service.