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Why the cooler does not work?

Applicable Product(s) : ASI Cool and Pro Cameras

Description:  Why the fan does not run? Why the temperature does not go down?

What should I prepare?

  1. Install ASI Camera drivers :
  2. install latest capture softwares :


  1. Make sure a 12V DC power cable is connected and the red LED is on. You can use an AC-DC adapter, or a 9V-15V battery. And the connector must be a 2.1×5.5mm center positive standard. The red LED indicates that the external power supply works.
  2. Check the fan runs normally .(The fan only runs when you enable the camera cooler in compatible software. The fan will not run when the cooler is not powered .)
  3. If the cooling temperature does not change, but the cooling power rise and reach 100%, and the camera body is warm   the Temperature sensor probably is damaged.
  4. If the cooling temperature does not change, but cooling power rises and reaches 100%. And camera body does not getting warm, the power chip probably is damaged.
  5. Try another power adapter to check.





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