A New Era of CMOS Cooled Cameras

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Specialized in Deep Sky Astrophotography

CMOS Sensor

Ultra low readout noise, high sensitivity, high dynamic range.


A two-stage TEC cooling system to significantly reduce dark current noises and enhance the dynamic range.

Anti-Dew Heater

The built in anti-dew heater on the protective window helps to prevent dew condensation to enhance the visibility of your cameras.

NO Amp Glow

ASI cameras use an anti amp-glow control circuit to ensure the best quality images regardless of gain or exposure time.

With Amp - Exposure 300s

Without Amp - Exposure 300s

Reliable Mechanics

Weather sealing helps to block out harmful elements – dust, water, snow and humidity to the electronics in your camera.

HCG Mode

The HCG mode significantly reduces the readout noise and enhances the dynamic range.

Gain - Unit 0.1db

Hot Pixel Correction

HPC helps you to get clean darks and light frames even under long exposures.