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Nikon lens adapter for 2″ Filter wheel


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Nikon lens adapter that can be used to connect Nikon lens to 2”EFW.
The thread of the interface is M54*0.75, which means it can only be mounted on 2” EFW, not suitable for 1.25”/31mm/36mm EFW.

Connection Method:

Note: The sensor tilt adapter need to be removed before you connect the camera to the 2” EFW.

Detailed instruction:

1. Prepare the ASI camera, Nikon lens adapter, Nikon lens, 2” EFW, screwdriver and hexagon wrench;


2. Use the hexagon wrench coming with the camera to remove the sensor tilt adapter;


3. Use the screwdriver to remove the back cover of EFW;


4. Disassemble the filter wheel carousel (Note: Please do not disassemble or move the central screw of this carousel, otherwise the EFW will be damaged);


5. Align the four screw holes of EFW with these in the four corners of the camera chip as shown below. Tighten the screws;


6. Reassemble the EFW;


7. Mount the Nikon lens adapter on the back cover of EFW;


8. Connect the Nikon lens to the adapter.


9. All done.


Mechanical Drawing:


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Nikon lens adapter for 2″ Filter wheel