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How to connect your mount to a computer? It’s easy with the ASIAIR!

As we are sure you are aware, there are lots of different brands of mounts out there, each with different ways of connecting to a computer. This has caused a lot of confusion with needing different cables, adapters and software to run mounts.

asiair vs other device


However, ZWO have the perfect solution, the ASIAIR. Compatible with the four major methods of connecting mounts to a computer (serial port, EQMOD, WIFI and USB).


1. Serial port connection method


CEM25P/EC, ZEQ25, iEQ30, iEQ45, etc. When using serial port connection, two data cables are required to connect ASIAIR and equatorial mount hand controller (as shown above). Select the corresponding equatorial mount model in ASIAIR’s equatorial setup with a baud rate of 9600.

Note: ZEQ25 must stay on the menu page and accept the command connection successfully. After entering the menu, it cannot receive the control command from the serial port.


Mounts like the CEM60 also uses two serial port cables, shown above. The difference between this mount and the previous is that you can bypass the hand controller and instead plug directly into the mount.

In the ASIAIR setup, select CEM60 in the equatorial mount model selection screen and set the baud rate to 9600.


2. EQMOD connection method


EQMOD has some advantages over the previous examples, being that you only need one cable and no hand controller.

Simply select EQMOD in the ASIAIR setup screen. You can straight away use the mount without even doing a 1-star alignment.


3. WiFi connection method


To use a wifi connection you must first set the WiFi parameters in the SynScan App. After this you can connect the mount the ASIAIR’s WiFi and select the static IP address,

In the ASIAIR setup, again you select EQMOD protocol and connect via port 11880 UDP.


4. USB connection method


Similar to the EQMOD, this method only requires one cable and no hand controller.

In the ASIAIR setup screen, you select the mount model and then the baud rate which for the CEM120 is 9600 and the CEM40 is 115200.



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