Discovery Astrophotography with ZWO ASTRO

EAF Software Configuration

ASCOM Installation

The latest version of ASICAP has native support for the EAF. Other software packages will require the use of an ASCOM driver.

EAF ASCOM drivers can be found on the ZWO website:

ZWO ASCOM driver

Download and install support for EAF, then launch the EAF dashboard from within your astronomy software.



Introduction of ASCOM driver interface


Note: If you do not have EAF temperature sensor, you can use the inner temperature sensor to detect.


Connecting EAF to your Astronomy Software

There are many kinds of imaging software. We have listed the setting steps of EAF in the mainstream software, so that you can set the EAF in the software more quickly.



1.Open the focuser control panel.

ASICAMP_setting_12. choose the focuser that you connected.

ASICAMP_setting_23. Set suitable settings for your EAF.




1. On the ASIAIR main screen find the icon for the EAF.

ASIAIR_EAF_setting_12. Click the icon and enter the EAF settings page.

ASIAIR_EAF_setting_23.EAF Advanced Settings.




1.Open Sharpcap settings.


2.Choose ZWO focuser.




1.Open the focuser panel in settings menu.


2.Check ”Use ASCOM Focuser”

FireCapture_EAF_setting_23. Choose ZWO Focuser in ASCOM panel.



Sequence Generator Pro



Maxim DL Pro

1. Open “Observatory panel”, in “Focuser 1” option, click “Choose…”.

MaximDLPro_EAF_setting-12. Choose ZWO Focuser in ASCOM panel.



The SkyX

1.Open “Telescope” menu, and select “Telescope Setup”


2.Select “Focuser Setup”

SkyX_EAF_setting_23. select ASCOM Focuser

SkyX_EAF_setting_34. Setup the settings of ASCOM focuser.


5.Choose ZWO Focuser



Additional Installation Information

There is significant torque from the EAF stepper motor. We recommended setting the 0 position and the maximum number of steps as a first step to prevent possible damage to the focuser.

For the standard bracket installation:

The 0 position is recommended to be set to the position when the focuser is fully retracted.

The maximum number of steps is recommended to be set to a limit position less than or equal to the full focuser stroke.

For the curved saddle installation:

The 0 position is recommended to be set near the focus of the focus of the focus holder.

The maximum number of steps is recommended to be set to a limit position less than or equal to the focus seat stroke.


It has to be powered by 12V DC 0.5A and up.


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