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How To Do Wirless Focus Control With EAF And ASIAIR?

EAF Electronic Automatic Focuser is the latest innovation from the engineers at ZWO. We believe that it will greatly help with astrophotography. It not only supports various computer software in the market, with the cooperation of ASIAIR, it also enables precise and wireless focus control through the phone for planetary and deep-sky imaging.

Here is a simple guide about how to do that.


Step one:

Mount ASIAIR and EAF onto the telescope.



Step two:

Connect them with cables.

Connect ASIAIR first, then use a USB cable to connect EAF with ASIAIR. Don’t forget with the 12V power supply.



Step three:

Choose “Focuser Settings” in ASIAIR application and set the parameters. Set “Current Position” to 0, “Fine” to 10, and “Coarse” to 300.


You are free to experience wireless focus now. Press “Fine” or “Coarse”button along the left side of the screen to get precise focus control, and note the changes of the star in the preview box during this progress.



At last, let’s check how it will be like when you have mounted both ASIAIR and EAF.


You can photograph deep space at home, in your tent, in your car, or in anywhere as long as you can receive the wifi signal of ASIAIR! With ASIAIR and EAF, astrophotography is so easy!


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