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Be a great deep space photographer with ASIAIR!

Photographing deep space objects is a very fulfilling activity, also a very hard technical challenge. The high requirements troubled so many newcomers before. But as the launch of ASIAIR, everything changed! Deep space photography is fun and easy now!


Traditional deep space photography equipment:


There are so many cables between equipment and laptop. You have nowhere to place the laptop unless putting it on a box. A large power strip and a large-capacity battery are also necessary for you. They occupy your trunk space, force you to abandon other stuff you might want to carry at first.


Deep space photography equipment with ASIAIR:





ASIAIR needs fewer cables and less power, which will greatly save the setup time.  But this is not the best thing, the best part of ASIAIR is that you can control it with your phone or tablet wirelessly. No need to bring out the laptop!



With 5GWifi transferring the data, You can photograph photos anywhere within 20m of the device, no longer need to stand beside the equipment as before.


Traditional state of deep space photography:


You have to stick to your equipment and fight with mosquitoes and coldness.


But with ASIAIR:

astrophotograph-ASIAIR-easy astrophotograph-ASIAIR-relax


You can stay wherever you want. The whole photographing process will be easy, safe and relaxing.




Product Features


Precise GOTO

With the plant solving solution of ASIAIR, you can locate your target object in seconds.



Massive celestial data

We recommend you choose Tonights Best since it is easy for you to search for deep space objects.

Massive celestial data



Easy guide

You can control the guider with your phone. And there is a floating window for you to check the position at any time.



Quick Polar Align

You do not need a polar scope to calibrate the polar axis, try the plant solving function of ASIAIR!



Wireless Focus

ASIAIR supports EAF electronic automatic focuser. It can be a very good helper for you.wireless-focus-ASIAIR


Shooting Schedule

ASIAIR saves your time and energy by automatically shooting the target after you set the shooting plan.



More features are waiting for you to explore!ASIAIR


Little box, big universe!


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