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[ASIAIR GUIDE] 3 Ways to Transfer Images From ASIAIR

The next step after a long night imaging is transferring the data to your PC for processing in your favorite software. With ASIAIR there are three main methods to copy your data from the device to your PC.


Transferring Images from ASIAIR to your computer


1. Using an SD Card Reader


The SD card reader is easy to use and also included in the box with your ASIAIR, or you can use your own SD card reader if you prefer.

Insert the SD card with the red lettering face up and then plug the card reader into your computer’s USB port.




A Windows 10 PC will prompt you to format the card – STOP!

You MUST select CANCEL at this point else you will format the ASIAIR boot system.  

You will lose all data on the card including the ASIAIR operating system if you format the SD card!



Choose Cancel


Press Cancel – then double click This Computer to open the File Manager. Click the drive marked BOOT and then select the Images directory. You can then copy the image files from this directory onto your PC. You can delete these images if you are short on drive space on the ASIAIR or leave them in place if you wish.




2. Access via ASIAIR Wi-Fi Connection (Recommended Method)


The use of an SD Card Reader is simple, but removing the SD card from the ASIAIR is inconvenient. An alternative method is to access the ASIAIR image data via the ASIAIR Wi-Fi connection.

After connecting to the ASIAIR Wi-Fi network, open the computers File Manager and enter the following in the address bar:


Or alternatively using the following IP address:


You will find an ASIAIR shared directory which is set to read-only for security. You can copy the files from this location to your computer.




3. Using a wired LAN connection


This method is similar to using the Wi-Fi connection but this time utilizes the wired LAN connection. Connect the ASIAIR to your network using the LAN cable port and access the ASIAIR by name. Using the IP address is not possible when using the wired LAN port.  




There are three main methods of downloading image data from the ASIAIR. These vary in ease and convenience depending on your own set up.

We highly recommend using the ASIAIR Wi-Fi connection method due to its ease of use.




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