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What configuration gives me maximum FPS?

Applicable Product(s) : All ASI Cameras

Description: Some settings will cause your FPS to drop below peak rates, this post will tell you how to reach maximum FPS for your camera.

What should I prepare?

  1. Install ASI Camera drivers :
  2. Install latest capture softwares :


  1. Make sure the camera is connected to USB3.0 port if it’s a USB3.0 camera. Check that the camera is recognized as “via USB3.0”. (Device Manager in Windows) Update the computer’s USB Host Controller driver if your port is USB3, but camera is not showing up as USB3.0 device.
  2. Make sure that the “High Speed Mode” is on in the capture software, location varies by software.
  3. Adjust “USB Traffic”, we recommend 80-90%. This value depends on your computer, higher percentages require more resources to be successful and not drop frames.
  4. Exposure time limits FPS, your frame rate will never exceed your exposure time settings. For example, the FPS will be 1FPS when the exposure time is 1 second, 4fps at .25 seconds, etc.
  5. The write speed of an SSD (solid state disk) is significantly faster than an HDD (spinning platter traditional hard drive). SSDs usually have a buffer of about 1GB, over a 1GB data steam and the write speed of  an SSD will slow down.






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