Discovery Astrophotography with ZWO ASTRO

[Video] Jupiter Captured with ZWO ASI224MC Camera and SharpCap

by Chuck’s Astrophotography



This is an unboxing, setup, and review of my new ZWO ASI224MC Color CMOS Imaging Camera – it can be used for deep sky, planets, solar, and lunar imaging. I plan to use it for planetary work. This video is also my first attempt at capturing Jupiter with the SharpCap software – I’m using 2.9, but version 3.0 is also available (you can see my settings for SharpCap later in the video). The data was stacked using AutoStakkert. To photograph Jupiter, I removed the focal reducer from my 8″ NexStar telescope to give it more focal length. Here is more info below on my astrophotography setup:

Astro Target: Jupiter
Imaging Telescope: Celestron NexStar 8SE SCT (2000mm focal length)
Mount: Celestron CGX
Imaging Camera: ZWO ASI224MC Color
Filters: None
Guide scope: None
Guide Camera: None
Guide Software: None
Capture software: SharpCap
Stacking software: Autostakkert
Post Processing: RegiStax

Here are the specs on the camera:

Model Number: ASI224MC
Color or Monochrome Camera: Color
Imaging Camera Series: ZWO ASI224
Camera Sensor Manufacturer:Sony
Sensor Model: IMX224
Sensor Type: CMOS
Sensor Dimensions (mm): 4.8mm x 3.6mm
Pixel Size (µm): 3.75 um
Pixel Array (pixels): 1304 x 976
Camera Cooling: Natural Convection
Minimum Exposure: 32 microseconds
Maximum Exposure: 1000 seconds
Software Included: Yes
Computer Interface: USB 3.0
Includes Filter Wheel: No, Not Necessary
Camera Dimensions: 62mm x 36mm
Camera Weight (lb.): 4.2 ounces without lens
OS Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux

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