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Seestar S50 All-in-One Smart Telescope

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Seestar S50

The All-in-One Smart Telescope

Elevate your Stargazing Experience with our Innovative Solutions.

What You Need to Know

Exploring the Seestar S50 Feature

Seestar is a compact body that integrates a telescope, electrical focuser, astronomical camera, ASIAIR, altazimuth mount, dew heater, and filter wheel, all weighing only 2.5kg.


Lightweight Design

Highly integrated all-in-one smart telescope

Clean and Low Noise Images

Triplet apochromatic optics

Built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

Dual-mode reliable connection

In the Box


This is a gallery to showcase images from Seestar S50


Seestar S50 is an entry-level intelligent astronomical telescope that sets itself apart from other entry-level telescopes by allowing users to “see” various deep space celestial objects through photography. Compared with traditional astrophotography equipment, Seestar S50 has a higher level of integration and intelligence. It integrates a motion tracking motor, electric focuser, electric filter wheel, high-sensitivity image sensor, and intelligent controller. It can automatically find and photograph any target in its star database, and help the user get more and more clear images with the method of image stack and enhancement. However, due to its highly integrated design and lightweight body, it may not meet the requirements for “serious astrophotography”.

S50 Size(mm): 142.5*130*257EPP Case(mm): 320*160*310Paper Packing Case(mm): 332*168*334

  • Stargaze Mode: Photographs deep sky objects.
  • Scenery Mode: Equal to a 1750mm ultra-telephoto optical prime lens. Can photograph landscapes or animals.
  • Solar Mode: Photographs the sun. Solar tracking will be turned on automatically.
  • Lunar Mode: Photographs the moon. Lunar tracking will be turned on automatically.

Seestar S50 is a triplet APO (including one piece of ED glass) with excellent control of chromatic aberration. Focal ratio F5. Focal length 250mm. The imaging performance is as good as a professional refractor of the same aperture.

Seestar S50 is equipped with three built-in filters: UV/IR Cut filter, dark filter, and dual-band anti-light pollution filter (OIII 30nm/Hα 20nm). The switching of the dark filter is automatically controlled by Seestar. As for the UV/IR Cut filter and light pollution filter, users can switch between them in the app based on their own needs.

With its built-in anti-light pollution filter and good enough atmospheric transparency, Seestar S50 is able to shoot deep-sky objects even in city.However, if we want to get good enough results, we still need to go to a dark site. We define the degree of light pollution into different levels. The larger the number is, the heavier the light pollution is. ZWO provides simple photos under different levels of light pollution after testing. We can compare them by ourselves. Also, don’t forget that the moon is the biggest light pollution source at night, we must avoid such a time period as the full moon.

The format of shooting files are JPEG and FITS with 1080*1920 resolution.

Seestar S50 battery has a rated capacity of 6000mAh, and the battery life verified by ZWO laboratory is about 6 hours.Tips: in actual use, the battery life performance will be different due to the difference in ambient temperature, operation process, and shooting target, especially after the fog removal function is turned on, the battery life will be significantly shortened.

Product model Seestar S50
Sensor IMX462
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Aperture 50 mm
Focal ratio f/5
Focal length 250 mm
Optical lens Apochromatic triplet
Storage 64 GB
Transmission Wi-Fi / USB-C / Bluetooth
Wi-Fi 5 G / 2.4 G
Working temperature 0~40 ℃ (Recommended)
Mount type Alt-azimuth
Slew rate 20 X-1440 X
Zero position Mechanical
Battery capacity 6000 mAh
Connection port 3/8“-20“
Net weight 2.5 kg
Size 142.5 x 130 x 257
Power input Type-C
Wi-Fi reset Support


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