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New 2″ Filter Drawer


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New 2″ filter drawer featuring the anti-light-leaking design that can effectively solve the light leaking issue under long exposure.


Two sizes available: M42 and M54.

Double strong magnets adopted for stronger adsorption, easier installation and pulling out.

Lock screw on the side for you to adjust the tension of the holder to eliminate gap. Double insurance.


Additional adapters provided with the filter drawer for equipment connection.

The differences between the old and new filter drawer

In the Box

M42 filter drawer

Filter drawer *1M48-M42F adapter *1

M54 filter drawer

Filter drawer *1M54-M48F-2mm *1

Mechanical Diagram

M42 filter drawer

Diameter 70mm * Thickness 21mmM42 * 0.75 male(external) thread (camera side)M48 * 0.75 female(internal) thread (filter end)M48 * 0.75 female(internal) thread (telescope side)

Suitable for 2-inch astronomical filters.

M54 filter drawer

Diameter 70mm * Thickness 20mm

M54 * 0.75 male (external) thread (camera side)

M48 * 0.75 female (internal) thread (filter end)

M54 * 0.75 female (internal) thread (telescope side)

Suitable for 2-inch astronomical filters and full frame cameras, such as ASI2600MC Duo, ASI6200 and ASI2400 series.


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New 2″ Filter Drawer