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The M54 tilter is making sensor tilt adjustment much easier than before by allowing you to do the adjustment on the rear end of the camera. You now can make some adjustments during imaging, instead of taking the camera off from the telescope.

Compatible camera: ASI2600MC Duo, ASI2600MM/MC Pro, ASI6200MM/MC Pro, ASI2400MC Pro.

It also fits 7x50mm EFW.

* Notice: The M54-tilter can not be fitted next to the OAG-L (in the direction of telescope->M54-tilter->OAG-L), please pay attention to the 55mm-back-focus solution when using.

How to install the M54 tilter?

  1. Use a hex wrench to take off the three M3 cylindrical screws on the adapter.2. Disassemble the sensor tilt plate from the DSO camera.

3. Place the base of the M54-Tilter onto the cooled camera. Fix them with six 5*6Phillips flat-head screws.

4. Then place the top cover of the M54 tilter onto the camera. Turn over them and fix the base and top cover with three M3 screws. Please do align the screws to the M3 screw holes (as shown in the mechanical drawing below). The angle between each two M3 screws should be 120°.

Mechanical Diagram

Connection Methods

In the Box

6*M2.5 countersunk screws * 6

M54 tilter *1


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