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M54 adapter for OAG-L and ASI DSO Cameras


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The ZWO M54 adapter is an adapter designed specifically for ASI cooled cameras. Instead of using the 20mm ZWO EFW, you can directly connect the adapter to OAG-L with the addition of 5mm sensor tilt adapter to reach 55mm back focus.

It has a thickness of 15mm. You can also insert an ZWO 2”filter into it.

The adapter supports 2” filters from third-party. Below are the requirements for the filters.

Mechanical Diagram

What is in the box?

  1. M54 adapter (15mm)
  2. M54M-M48F adapter
  3. 5-L8 screws * 8

The best solution of 55mm back focus length

Please note the following solutions are premised on that you are using the OAG-L with the cooled camera.

Detailed Connecting Guide

Connecting with ASI2600MM Pro as the example.

1.Fix the filter to M54M-M48F adapter via threads.

2. Fix the filter unit to the M54 adapter.

3. Here we have an ASI2600MM Pro camera and an adapter unit. The four holes circled in red in the sensor tilt plate are the ones you are going to use to fix the adapter unit to the camera.

4. Take 4 screws from the package, and use them to fix the M54 adapter to the camera.

5. Remove the M48 plate from OAG-L.

6. Align the hole positions in OAG-L to the smaller holes in the adapter, then use the rest 4 screws to fix OAG-L to the M54 adapter.

7. Reinstall the M48 plate on OAG-L.

8. Work done!


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M54 adapter for OAG-L and ASI DSO Cameras