In order to use the camera, Windows users must install the native driver.
Please install the ASCOM Platform prior to installing the ASCOM driver.
If you encounter any issues after installing the ASCOM driver, consider installing the required .Net Framework (3.5, 4.5.2).
ZWO ASI Official astronomy software, specialized in planetary imaging, DSO imaging, live stack and other useful astronomical image processing gadgets.
V1.9.32023-11-16Change Log
Camera Driver
Camera Driver
Windows users must install a native driver to use ASI cameras.
V3.232023-11-01Change Log
ASCOM Driver
ASCOM Driver
After installation, you can control ASI cameras, EAF, EFW, AM5, AM3, and other devices through the ASCOM Platform (pre-installed required).
V6.5.202023-11-20Change Log
Product Firmware Update Tool
Firmware Upgrade Tool
Firmware update utility for ASI cameras, EAF. Firmware update is not necessary if the devices are functioning properly.
V1.12023-09-15Change Log