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company vision

We help astronomy enthusiasts fulfill their dreams.

We appreciate your trust greatly. Our clients choose us and our products because they know we are the best.

ZWO is a world-renowned high-tech R&D company focused on the development, design, production, and sales of astrophotography equipment. It is also an innovative technology enterprise dedicated to the construction of the astrophotography ecosystem.


Conforming to the growing trend of IoT (Internet of Things), ZWO creatively utilizes wireless technology to combine mobile with astrophotography equipment, realizes wireless control of imaging setup and brings customers a more straightforward and much more interesting imaging experience.

Suzhou ZWO CO.,LTD.

Company Introduction

Industry Deep Cultivation

Coverage for various countries and regions

Targeting a Wide Range of Audiences

Continual enhancement of core technology

Accumulated patents and software copyrights

In-depth cultivation within the industry

R&D, design and production integrated

Have been dedicated to the field of astrophotography for 12 years. Be well known for its innovative products and technology.

Service astronomy amateurs around the world with a developed supply chain.

Take the leading role in the field of astrophotography equipment. Have over 40 patents and software copyrights.

Easy to use: lowering the barrier of astrophotography and allowing amateurs to enter.

Quality guaranteed: all go through strict testing procedures before leaving factory.

An ecosystem wherein all equipment works together, offering a great user experience.

Fast response. 1 on 1 dedicated service.

Multi-platform technical support (online and below the line).

Have a complete community which has gathered thousands of ZWO users and provides all kinds of services.

Get to Know Us

We build the future.

As one of the earliest companies in China focusing on CMOS astronomy cameras and accessories, ZWO today serves customers from 100+ countries over the globe, including amateur astrophotographers, professional research astronomers, public observatories, and citizen science users.

Creative Design

Design for amateur astrophotographers

Constant innovation

Over 10 years of inspiring innovation

Premium Service

One-on-one dedicated service

Creative Design

Design for amateur astrophotographers

Constant innovation

Over 10 years of inspiring innovation

Premium Service

One-on-one dedicated service
what we do

The Future of Astrophotography Creation.

Sam Wen
Founder & CEO Director


eing avid amateur astronomers, we hold the belief that we possess the capability to craft superior products catering to fellow enthusiasts. Our core specialization lies in conceptualizing and producing high-speed astronomy cameras, telescopes, and a range of accessories tailored for both imaging and observation purposes.

Our commitment extends to providing quality products to the global community of astronomers, supporting their endeavors in various corners of the world.

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Product vision

Make astrophotography easy & fun.

ZWO’s core competency is innovation, which is its most vital competitive advantage, giving it unprecedented strength in withstanding disruption and competitive threats in the astrophotography market. ZWO stands a long-established reputation for a commitment to developing unique and innovative technology products, including the ASIAIR, DSO cameras, EAF, EFW, ADC, and AM5. Over the years, ZWO has continued to innovate and perfect its ecosystem of interoperable hardware, continuously updated software, and use-case-specific services that appeal to existing, very loyal ZWO consumers.

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