Core Advantages
An easy to use, affordable and professional imaging solution for all levels of amateur astrophotographers.
Variety Product
No matter you are beginners or experts, you can find one camera that suit your imaging needs.
Multiple Frame Sizes
Different frame sizes offer you ample options to fit your telescope.
Mono & OSC
The convenience of OSC cameras and the robustness of Mono cameras.
Decades of combined experience in R&D innovation and cutting-edge product engineering.
ASI cameras are inexpensive compared to CCD cameras.
Peripheral Connection
Supports connection with ASIAIR, computers, and imaging accessories such as external EAF and filter wheels.
Details Define Quality
We will continually optimize experiences in detail, simplify the operation process, and focus on technological upgrading and deepening.
An Integrated Ecosystem
An integrated ecosystem to redefine your astrophotography journey.
After Sales Service
Taking customer service as the core, professional technical support and comprehensive after-sales service will escort your astrophotography.
Online Support
Multichannel customer support delivers quick answers to your inquiries.