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Introducing ASIAIR 2.0 New Feature: Community, Connecting Astrophotography Lovers Around the World.

If you ever experienced the new version of ASIAIR, you’ll find that the whole application has been through great changes and improvements. One important new feature is the ASIAIR Community.

It is integrated into the APP, so makes it possible for you to complete the whole “capture – process – share” process on your mobile devices without the need of seeking help from the computer!


Abundant astrophotos for you to browse

There are large amounts of astrophotos in the ASIAIR community and they are distinguished by the photo types, such as Deep sky, Planetary, Solar, Night Sky and Comet. Click the corresponding column, taking ‘Deep Sky’ for example, you’ll be able to view all the wonderful deep sky photos in this column. You may also upload your own DSO photos to this column, just don’t forget to select the image type when uploading.


The “Featured” section exhibits the images in the best of the best quality, showing you the beauty of the universe. Touch the plate-solution overlay icon on the right side, you’ll see clearly what targets are in this image.


Detailed equipment information displayed under each image

It’s necessary to have the equipment information displayed beneath each astrophoto, not only it’s the common rule in the astrophotography community to share an image, also it allows you to view all the images captured with one certain piece of equipment if you hit the equipment tag. Except for the images, the rating and comments given by other astrophotographers will also be shown on the equipment page.


This provides many practical references to astrophotographers who may be interested in one certain piece of equipment and helps them make the purchase decision. A very useful feature it can be!


Stargazing sites

This is a magical feature offering you references for observing and photography sites. You might have the experience of visiting some so-called stargazing locations well known on the Internet but unfortunately finding there are so many annoying lights and noises there. So why don’t just go ASIAIR community to seek some really useful suggestions on the stargazing sites nearby? You can also build a new stargazing site if you happen to meet a dark sky not known by others before, and name it!


Light pollution map and people nearby

The community is integrated with a light pollution map revealing to you the light pollution grade of the nearby and the sites you searched for. We do recommend you check the light pollution first before you go outside and cast your eyes & cameras upon the starry sky.


There is one more feature on the nearby page – people nearby. If you are looking for a friend to do astrophotography together with you, then you can just send him a message.


A platform specifically for global astrophotography lovers

ASIAIR 2.0 community is fully committed to creating a healthy platform equal to each astrophotography lover around the world. The translation feature supports five languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, French and Spanish. The community itself supports Chinese and English.



In the ASIAIR community, astrophotographers can not only view, share and comment on astrophotos. He or she can also interact with other astrophotographers who have the same passion. We believe no one is an island – astrophotography is a very complicated hobby featuring a steep learning curve but with the help from others, it will be much more fun!

The ASIAIR 2.0 has been available on App Store and Google Play. Search for it to download!


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