Discovery Astrophotography with ZWO ASTRO

[Video] ZWO Five Position Electronic Filter Wheel (Unboxing)

By Chuck’s Astrophotography



This is my latest toy, the “ZWO Five Position EFW Electronic Filter Wheel” (1.25 inch) for astrophotography. It will replace my manual filter wheel which I believe was allowing condensation to creep in on the outside of my camera sensor. Here are the specs on it:

1. The wheel has five positions, each capable of accepting 1.25″ or 31mm filters.

2. The wheel is capable of both clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.

3. It has a low power consumption, and uses a single USB cable for power purposes.

4. The gap between the sensor and filter when using this wheel with the ZWO ASI 1600 is about 10mm, so you shouldn’t experience any vignetting at all with 1.25″ filters when in conjunction with scopes of a focal ratio of up to F/5.

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