Discovery Astrophotography with ZWO ASTRO

[Video] Bubble Nebula Photographed on 10/06/2016

By Chuck’s Astrophotography



This is the Bubble Nebula (also known as NGC 7635, Sharpless 162, or Caldwell 11). It’s my second attempt at imaging with the ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool Mono camera. It came out very grainy – so next time I will try and increase the duration and lower the gain and offset. I captured 12 raw images for each filter (luminance, red, green, blue) tonight. Each exposure was 120 seconds. The total exposure time after stacking was just over 90 minutes. 20 dark, 20 bias, and 15 flat frames were also created (the flats were created for each filter). Here is more information below:

OTA: Celestron NexStar 8SE
Mount: Celestron Advanced VX (AVX)
Guiding telescope: Orion ShortTube 80 (ST80)
Guiding camera: LodeStar X2
Guiding software: PHD2
Imaging Camera: ZWO ASI 1600MM-Cool Mono (with LRBG and light pollution filters)
Image capture software: Nebulosity
Post-processing: PixInsight, Photoshop

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