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Evolution History of ASI1600 Cameras

Look Back

There is no denying that ASI1600MM cooled camera is a milestone in astrophotography history. Form 2016-2017, ASI1600 Cooled camera upgrade 3 times.

ASI1600MM-Cool Version1(right) VS. ASI1600MM-Cool Version2(left):


ASI1600MM-Cool Version2(left) VS. ASI1600MM-Cool Version3(right):


Every time we make a big progress to improve 1600 performance, but it is not enough. As we said, ZWO is professinal Cmos camera designer and manufactor. We never stop our steps.

Now, 1600 has ushered in a new era, “Pro” series will let ZWO’s new superstar!

New ASI1600MM Pro:

1600MM Pro3 1600MM Pro2 1600MM Pro4

New PCB Board and DDRIII Memory Buffer

ASI1600MM Pro camera upgrade PCB board, includes one 256MB DDRIII memory buffer to help data transfer more stable and no amp-glow issue which is caused by the slow speed data transfer during reading out under USB2.0 Port.


Product Link:

ASI1600MM Pro

ASI1600MC Pro

ASI1600MM Pro Mini Kits

ASI1600MM Pro Kits


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