Can two ASI cameras be simultaneously controlled by one computer?
Yes, you can name the cameras to distinguish them in the camera setting.
What drives do I need to install to use my guide camera?
Normally you only need to install the native drivers. But we also provide the ASCOM driver and DirectShow driver for your possible needs.
Where should I download the drivers?
All can be downloaded on the Download page of the ZWO website: https://www.zwoastro.com/downloads
What software is the ASI guide camera compatible with?
They are compatible with most guiding software, such as PHD, PHD2, Maxim DL, guidemaster, etc.
Can the guide camera connect to the mini guide scope? What adapters do I need?
Yes all the necessary adapters are included in the camera box, such as the 1.25” extender.
Can the guide camera be used as a planetary camera?
Yes but we don’t recommend that due to the gap in frame rates.
Why cannot I see any stars from my guide camera in guiding?
Make sure the guide camera is focused. You can point your telescope to the moon to get it roughly focused, and then choose a star to do fine focus. If there still is no star in your image, then please adjust your shooting setting, such as gain and exposure.